Message from Chairman regarding East Sunday Terror Attack

  • Posted on: 22 April 2019
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Dear Partners and Friends,

It is with profound sadness and a very heavy heart that I write this message to you. I did not in my wildest dreams imagine that terror will strike my beautiful and peaceful island home just a decade after we ended a senseless war. It appears that sinister forces were at play and we are confident that our intelligence and defense personnel will do what needs to be done, to continue that peace and tranquility that attracted and continue to attract many visitors to Sri Lanka.

“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”, it appears that the risen Lord is urging us to move on and to bring in love and compassion amongst so much anger and hatred. What else can prompt someone to kill innocent worshippers on Easter Sunday, or those tourists who are enjoying a well earned break from their hectic lives back home? But, as we know, the human spirit is strong, and we will get through this and of course we count on your support as we have always done in the past to help us through this tragedy.

This unfortunately, is very personal to all of us at Jetwing too. We lost a young couple, a telephone operator and her fiancé , a steward from our team at Jetwing Blue in Negombo. They were planning to get married this year and were at prayer at the Katuwapitiya church, when the coward carried out the deadly act. At Jetwing Travels, we lost one of our guests at the Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo. He and his wife were married just a week before and were on their honeymoon. They finished the first leg of their tour and was all packed and ready to fly to Male and were breakfasting when this happened. Yes, we are very sad and ask God to grant them eternal rest and strength to their loved ones to bear the loss. Please pray for them.

Of course security has been increased around the country and all Hotels and public places are being guarded. We will share with you as and when more information surfaces about the incidents. At present, we are rising above the carnage and grouping together to provide security and comfort to all Sri Lankans and visitors from overseas who are continuing their visits to Sri Lanka and all others who are coming to our shores in the days ahead. We will do our utmost to be extra vigilant to ensure the safety of our guests. The police curfew has been lifted now and life is getting back on track.

You have been with us at our worst and seen us through very difficult situations, I ask you again on behalf of all Sri Lankans and especially, our team at Jetwing, please continue in the same spirit, we cannot and must not let these incidents rule our lives. Thank you again for your concern and kind words. We assure you our best as always and will send you information as and when we receive same.

As at now, they have confirmed 290 deaths with approximately 35 foreigners , about 500 injured and 7 blasts. The curfew has been lifted, public transport is on their normal schedules.

If you require any additional details, please contact Nalin - General Manager on +94 77 728 7816 or, or Shirosh – Manager on +94 77 728 7801 or

With renewed thanks and warm wishes,

Shiromal Cooray
Chairman & Managing Director – Jetwing Travels (Pvt) Ltd
Chairman – Jetwing Hotels Ltd